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Experts: iPhone 8 will combine the best features of Samsung flagships

New smartphone Apple will get OLED-display, wireless charging and will lose Lightning connector in favor of USB-C. In this case, the display device is curved at the edges. According to observers Cnews, the upcoming iPhone 8 will combine the best features of the flagship Samsung smartphones from different generations.

The next Apple smartphone will be remarkably similar to the devices of the South Korean brand. This is the conclusion reached by the publication, after analyzing all that was already known about the iPhone 8.

Curved screen

In particular, the novelty will be equipped with curved display. Samsung first used such a screen for a smartphone in 2014, releasing the Galaxy Note Edge, and then made it more streamlined in the Galaxy S6 a few months later. The next flagship, the Galaxy S8 will also have a curved display.

The OLED display instead of LCD

In addition, the iPhone 8 will be used organic led display (OLED) instead of the liquid crystal matrix (LCD), which uses the Apple since the first iPhone. OLED provides better color reproduction, better energy efficiency and allows you to create screens, curved shape. Samsung specializiruetsya on the production of OLED-screens and uses them in its smartphones for several years. Moreover, according to media reports, Samsung could become a supplier of such screens for the iPhone 8.

The use of OLED in one of the three new iPhone confirmed by the recent statement by analyst firm KGI Securities. According to the analyst firm Ming Chi Kuo, in 2017 Apple will release three smartphones: the jubilee 8 iPhone with OLED screen and two devices S-series with LCD-displays, which will replace the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

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The rejection of the Home button

According to KGI Securities, the iPhone 8 will get a 5.8-inch display, while the useful area will have a diagonal of 5.15 inch. The remaining place will be touch buttons that replace the physical home button. Like hell Samsung is going to implement in the Galaxy S8.

The transition with Lightning to USB C

In addition, as stated, the iPhone 8 will not be proprietary Lightning connector, which Apple intends to sacrifice a USB port. USB-C is a new standard port for all types of devices, especially for premium Android smartphones, particularly Samsung.

This is a fairly uncharacteristic move for Apple, who prefer unique connectors which force the user to buy branded accessories to its devices. USB-C in the new iPhone theoretically allows you to use it with third-party accessories. This is the most “shocking” and an interface extension step of everything ever made by Apple.

Some of the media I doubt Apple will abandon the Lightning, which first appeared in the iPhone 5 in 2012, the Japanese resource Mac Otakara gives an alternative suggestion that the next iPhone will retain the Lightning connector, but will come bundled with an adapter for USB-C. Perhaps the company decided therefore to ensure the possibility of charging the smartphone from a MacBook, which uses USB-C. 2016 MacBook Pro lost all USB ports, on change which came USB.

Wireless charging

Finally, in media circulated information that the iPhone 8 will support wireless charging technology that Samsung is promoting for several years. The rumors were warmed by the fact that two weeks ago, Apple joined a Consortium of wireless power (WPC) – industrial group, which develops the standard for wireless transmission.

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Standard of WPC, which received the working title Qi must ensure the compatibility of wireless charging devices from different manufacturers. Qi technology is implemented, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S7. With this iPhone 7 never received the possibility of wireless charging, but this property is, Apple Watch, and they use a proprietary Apple is not compatible with the Qi standard.

To achieve this incompatibility, Apple had to modify Qi by creating such an option, which is not supported by charging third-party devices. However, participation in WPC suggests that the company may depart from the policies of uniqueness.

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