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Experts have told how the iPhone affects the brain and makes us more stupid

Rest assured, your beloved iPhone weakens your brain. This writes the Nv with reference to the journalist Markham Hyde of the Motto.

When the birthday of your best friend? Check in Facebook. Don’t know which direction to go? Include navigation. Don’t know how to calculate 20% of the amount? Open calculator. With your smartphone these and many other problems can be solved without effort. But studies show that facilitation of brain activity using digital technologies could lead to negative consequences.

To ease the mental workload via telephone and the Internet – all the same what to substitute for walk away by car. To travel by car easier and faster, highlights columnist, but use the body of this little.

A canadian study at McGill University showed that drivers using GPS navigation are less hippocampal activity and volume of gray matter. Another study showed that people are worse than remember information, stored somewhere on the computer or on the Internet.

“Instead of having to remember the information, you memorize the place where it is located”.

“If you always use Google, you will be able to answer the most trivial questions, but to build a solid base of knowledge – not,” says writer Nicholas Carr. As in the case of atrophied muscles, the ability of your brain to “lift heavy loads” could be undermined.

In addition, you may be difficult to distinguish the important and the authentic from the fake, notes Hyde. Students at Stanford University in the study struggled trying to distinguish the real news from advertising, although the article was clearly stated – “sponsored content”. Earlier study showed that the use of multiple technologies (email, messages, search the Internet blogs, social networks) leads to the fact that it’s hard to concentrate on one task and cut off all unnecessary. All of them distracting.

Your brain also suffers from a lack of rest is such small interruptions like waiting in line at the grocery store when you can dream and not staring at a phone. When the brain has the ability to “obligati”, he runs a group of parallel connections, known as the “default mode”. Are you rethinking experiences recently, to draw conclusions.

“But while our portable and powerful devices are increasingly part of our lives, our brain may lose the ability to find these connections and to make discoveries” – summarizes the author. Potentially we are able to reconfigure the network of the brain in search of entertainment instead of a deep and serious issues. But choosing the convenience and ease offered by technology, we deprive ourselves of the ability to create talents.

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