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Experts have discovered why people don’t talk to Siri

The moment when the machine spoke in a human voice, began to understand speech and learned to a meaningful dialogue, it is. Smartphones and other gadgets can not only be controlled with voice commands, but also to answer them. Accordingly, the time came when it became possible to use the gadget, almost no hands. Seemed fast enough all or almost all will go for this type of communication with the phone. However, this did not happen.

Today, voice services are actively used only in cars is convenient and does not violate the rules of the road. But people on the street saying “Hey, Siri” almost none. Experts interviewed M24, explained why the “smart” voice services did not enjoy the widespread popularity that would.

Technical reasons

As explained by a leading analyst Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin, voice control function has existed for over ten years. She appeared in a push-button phones and even then didn’t cause a stir among users. Voice assistants today are a little “smarter”: it is reasonable to answer questions and connect to the Internet.

Now, there are three basic voice program assistant: Siri, Google Now and Cortana, created for iOS, Android and Windows respectively. In fact Siri is not too far removed from the functions of the smart phone keypads. It was created as a kind of artificial intelligence, and not just as voice dialing, and in this aspect its principal innovation was the ability to maintain a conversation, I’m sure Murtazin.

“However, Siri is not perceived by users seriously, more as a toy, which you can ask stupid questions,” – said the expert. According to him, Cortana, in turn, may not be popular among users due to low distribution of Windows smartphones.

The most promising of smart voice programs Eldar Murtazin believes Google Now. She appeared as part of the Google search engine. She studies the habits of the user, based on search queries and personal information stored in the smartphone. “After a month or two of use Google Now the program starts you better understand the accuracy given by the hint system is growing,” said the analyst.

However, Google Now voice assistant and assistant smartphone is not popular like Siri and Cortana. The unpopularity of such programs in General, Eldar Murtazin explains the lack of habit to talk to the phone and lack of “intelligence” of such programs.

“My machine can maintain a dialogue, but I understand that she’s just a stupid machine, which is often impossibly annoying me with their lack of understanding. In a time when we will be able to speak with the technique on equal terms, leaving irritation and the moment will come in the popularity of voice services,” – says Eldar Murtazin.

Psychological causes

Many, carrying on a dialogue with the phone, feel uncomfortable. Counselling psychologist and leading expert Psychological center on Volkhonka Ilya Sabshin believes that this is a natural process.

“The man needs some time to get used to any innovation, including technical. Stage initial discomfort is normal and it passes,” said Sablin.

As an example, the expert cited is already included in the culture of Bluetooth headset. The person speaking as if to himself, looked just ridiculous. And as the grandmother on the benches lamented that the world has gone mad. Today the man with the headset does not attract attention at all. Another thing is that it is not very popular among consumers, but the effect on this is not unaccustomed discomfort, and causes a different type, perhaps its functional shortcomings.

“The pace of the emergence and implementation of technological innovations in our lives is accelerating, to the habit and adaptation requires less time. Ultimately, the success of the adoption of new services, gadgets, and technology depends on their actual quality and ease of use. A decent product will find its niche”, – commented Sabshin.

Reasons special: Russian

Russian users received the ability to speak with voice assistants in Russian not so long ago. The first voice assistants on Russian translated Google Now in 2013, in 2015 appeared Russian-speaking Siri, and Cortana here on Russian language and not translated: scheduled for 2015, the withdrawal of the Russian version was postponed indefinitely.

“The popular voice assistants in Russia affected their delayed start and incompleteness of Russian-language versions”, – said the Director of the media Agency Legend Anton Korobkov-Zemlyansky. For example Siri, Russia received in the heavily abridged version. Many long-awaited features available to American users, in the Russian version are missing. You cannot, for example, order movie tickets or restaurant reservations, and it is from these little things add beauty and utility of Siri. That goes for the rest of the assistants.

Anton Korobkov-Zemlyansky sure voice program in the Russian-language versions will be actively updated, and users will gradually get a taste for it: “From release to release from voice services there are more opportunities, more available commands and languages in the Russian version programs-assistants gradually introducing features are available for English speaking users.”

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