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Experts have criticized the “law of Spring” because of the inability to decrypt the traffic

The expert working group discovered a technical problem during the performance of “Spring law”. A large part of the collected transmitted information may be unsuitable for analysis.

As reported by “Vedomosti”, the expert working group at the Federal level under the leadership of Minister for open government Mikhail Abyzov made the conclusion on the “Spring law”, which implies that the transmitted via the network info in the near future may become unsuitable for analysis and use in the work of state bodies.

This opinion pointed to the estimates working group of the expert Council under the government. They felt that currently the amount of encrypted traffic in networks is 49%, but after three years its share may reach 90%. The problem is that there is no technology that will allow you to decrypt the traffic.

Analyst at the center for monitoring and combating cyber threats Solar JSOC Alexey Pavlov believes that the intercept and decrypt the traffic now using the method of “man in the middle”. Its essence lies in the fact that the user directs traffic to your mail server, the ISP transmits it through its own server where traffic can be safely decrypted, saved and zashifrovat to transfer on.

In turn, the technical Director of the company “Angara” Dmitry Pudov considers the attempt to mass decrypt hopeless. According to him, is likely to result after the information will be outdated.

It became known yesterday that the expert working group proposed to support the idea of MTS on the establishment of a pilot project for the storage of data to test the operation of the “law of Spring”. On whose networks can be created by such project, is not specified, but the implementation of the pilot project could be one of the reasons of the postponement of the implementation of the law.

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