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Experts do not expect record sales of the Apple Watch in Russia

On Friday in Russia will start selling smart watches from Apple Watch in 16 stores in Moscow and five in St. Petersburg. Analysts surveyed by Rbc, do not expect high sales of “Apple” news.

The user can select one of the two dimensions of the clock face 38 and 42 mm, available to buy three models — Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition. Hourly pay starts from 23 990 rubles per model Apple Watch Sport (38mm) up to 1 million 120 thousand rubles. for the Apple Watch Edition in 18K yellow gold.

The first sellers of Apple Watch accessory steel 15 points re:Store, one store, C-store, four stores iPort and cum, the information on their official websites. The gadget will also be available in the online store Apple Online Store. Point of sale selected “given the nature of origin of this product in accordance with the canons of high style”, said Apple. Shops re:Store, C-store and iPort specialize in the sale of Apple technology.

Stores should be great location and of sufficient size to ensure that it was possible to place a special table with a clock, said a source familiar with the conditions of supply.

Sales of the Apple Watch in Moscow store C-store on Tverskaya street, 6/1, will begin at 7 a.m., said the representative of “Coherent” (owns a C-store) Maria Zaikina. She did not disclose the number of requests in a network of devices, but noted that the first batch was “limited”. The representative re:Store Lyudmila Semushin declined to comment.

“We will look at how customers will accept the new device, while worldwide sales have not been encouraging,” said the President of “Euroset” Alexander Malis.

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Representatives of the “El Dorado”, “Megaphone” and MTS announced that the watch will not be sold on their networks on the day of release in Russia. “We will monitor demand and demand from our customers”, — said the press Secretary of MTS Dmitry Solodovnikov.

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