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Experts do not believe that Airbus crashed because the lit-up iPhone

The connection of the crash of Egypt Air airliner over the Mediterranean in may 2016 with a smartphone iPhone, which puts the French side, does not hold water. About it reports “RIA Novosti” with reference to Egyptian media. The French are trying to evade responsibility, claiming that the cause of the accident could be overheating iPhone or iPad, according to the Ministry of aviation of Egypt.

In Minamiarai also explained that “the explosion of mobile phone battery does not lead to the crash of the aircraft with such ease, given that the internal equipment of the aircraft, including seats, carpeting, furniture, — made of non-combustible materials and not can so quickly ignite. In addition, the explosion of the battery of the gadget can lead to the hole in the hull of the plane, talking about the investigation. If this were so, then the battery explosion of mobile could lead to the collapse of a residential building”.

Earlier edition of Le Parisien has put forward the version that the cause of the tragedy was the iPhone that was in the cockpit of the ship. The French side categorically denies the possibility of laying explosives at the airport of Charles de Gaulle.

The ship was created in France, the airport where it took off in recent times – the French, therefore, this country should be held responsible for the incident, and compensation will be doubled, according to international law. If you follow the logic of the French, the explosion or overheating of the mobile phone battery may cause explosion and collapse of a residential building, emphasize the Egyptian experts.

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On 19 may 2016, a plane flying from Paris to Cairo, disappeared from radar. On Board were 66 passengers and crew members. On Board were 66 passengers and crew members. A day later the wreckage and passengers ‘ belongings were discovered in the sea 290 km to the North of the city of Alexandria.

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