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Experts DisplayMate recommend buying Apple Watch without sapphire glass

Apple watch is available in three flavors, one of which is Apple Watch Sport – in screen protection relies on strengthened glass Ion-X. Experts DisplayMate, studying the displays of mobile devices, called the screen of the Apple Watch “excellent” and recommended to buy the model without sapphire. The reason is that the Apple Watch Sport less fade in the sun.

Despite the high quality of the display panel, the final image affects another component – protective surface. All models of the Apple Watch is equipped with identical OLED displays, but have different outer coating, which behave differently in bright environments.

Here, the experts pointed out one drawback of expensive modifications, smart-watches. Coating synthetic sapphire is used in the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition, almost doubling the scattered light increases the brightness and reflection, changes colors and degrades the image contrast. According to the study, the reflection of external light by the Apple Watch with sapphire coating 74% higher than the Ion-X. In conditions of both conventional lighting display behave almost identically.

“Reflectivity Apple Watch Sport c coated Ion-X Glass is 4.7%, whereas the same index for the Apple Watch with sapphire glass is 8.2%. This indicator of both models is 0.6% higher than that of pure sapphire and glass, which confirms the fact that Apple has done a great job in combining optical glass, sapphire, and OLED display without any air spaces. The high reflectivity of the Apple Watch with sapphire crystal suggests that the display of these smart watches reflects twice the external world.”

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Experts recommend to buy the Apple Watch Sport model, protected by tempered glass Ion-X. Although this glass is less resistant to scratches, it is devoid of the lack of sapphire crystal panels.

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