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Experts DisplayMate called the screen of Samsung Galaxy S8 “best in industry”

Company DisplayMate tested the new flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8, evaluating a display panel of the device. The specialists called mobile Samsung best screens in the smartphone segment. The same thing happened this time. As stated in DisplayMate, the screen of the new Galaxy S8 is much better than the one installed in other Samsung smartphones.

Experts from DisplayMate are considered to be professionals in the field of mobile displays. So, in the past they did not bow and scrape before Apple and truthfully called Retina in the iPad mini dilapidated on the background of rivals, with all this appreciated iPad Air 2, and recognized the displays of the iPhone 6 is the best in the industry on the basis of LCD technology. In quality it is eclipsed only screen devices the Galaxy Note series, but it is made by technology OLED. Now, apparently, there’s a new favorite.

According to the study, Samsung Galaxy S8 has the best screen among smartphones at the moment. Report DisplayMate huge and entirely only of interest to specialists in this field. However, most of the specs of Galaxy S8 was recognized as the leader. Among the advantages of the panel stands a brightness higher than 1000 CD/m2, 113% coverage of the color space DCI-P3, and 142% coverage of sRGB / Rec.709.

It is also reported that Galaxy S8 — the first smartphone on the market screen certified Mobile HDR Premium. The new display has better viewing angles than screen predecessor. In addition, the mode of the Video Enhancer provides extended dynamic range in case of media content with no coding HDR.

Now Apple uses in the iPhone and iPad exclusively to the LCD panel. According to estimates DisplayMate, the company sets in its smartphones best LCD screens.

CEO Tim cook previously called OLED displays “awful.” According to him, these screens have unnatural colors, so when buying goods via the Internet, it can play with the user a cruel joke.

Nevertheless, we know that Apple is planning to switch to OLED. The company has appealed to the South Korean manufacturer with an order of 70 million flexible panels for organic light emitting diode. Cupertinos configured to release the first iPhone with a display of the new type in September of this year.

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