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Experts dismantled the base configuration iMac Pro

Employees of the company OWC, which deals with the upgrade of Apple computers completely dismantled the iMac Pro. It is reported 9to5Mac.

In the lab OWC got a Junior configuration iMac Pro, which in Russia is 379 990 rubles. to access the components necessary to disconnect the screen from the body. Separate compartment on the back for quick replacement of RAM in the iMac 5K, no.

The base model is equipped with 32 GB of RAM consisting of 4 modules for 8 GB. iMac Pro has four DIMM sockets and the configuration of 4×8 GB enables you to take advantage of Quad channel memory. Probably, all configurations of the iMac Pro has four slots for RAM.

Despite the fact that the RAM can be replaced, and the authorized service centers Apple will appear this service, experts recommend immediately order a configuration with the necessary volume, rather than trying to save money. They attribute this to the difficulty of disassembling the iMac Pro and the lack of benefits. Nevertheless, in the future, OWC will sell special kits to replace the RAM.

Given the relative cheapness of the basic 32-Gigabyte option and the preliminary cost of a complete set to upgrade to 64 GB or 128 GB, as well as time, we still recommend buying an iMac Pro with the amount of memory that you need. Despite the fact that in the future, this upgrade will be a great solution currently, the financial benefit is relatively small.


The base model iMac comes with Pro drive 1 TB SSD. Interestingly, this is not one disk and two SSD of 512 GB, which work in RAID. To pull the drives need to loosen two bolts.

Under the radiator hides an 8-core Intel Xeon processor W. the Chip is not soldered to the motherboard, and attached to the radiator. Theoretically, it can be removed and replaced, but only further testing will show if this is possible.

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