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Experts compared the battery life of iOS 9 and iOS 8.4.1

After upgrade operating system to iOS 9 users drew attention to the improvement of operating time without recharging. The experts at Ars Technica, who have studied this question, and confirmed that most of the gadgets on the new platform runs longer than with iOS 8.4.1.

The final version of iOS 9 came out on September 16. In the changelog of the new operating system announced improved autonomy. Apple claims that the battery life of mobile devices increased by one hour. In this case, the function for detecting the inverted position allows you to disable notifications when the device is not used, and a new power saving mode to extend battery life up to 3 hours.

Although for most users the speed at which a discharge device to iOS 8, not dramatic, improvements in this area cannot be called excessive.

Tests ArsTechnica confirmed that most of the gadgets on iOS 9 is really “live” longer than on iOS 8.4.1. Although not as much as claimed by Apple. For example, while surfing on the iPad 2 has increased from 399 to 409 minutes. Improved iPad Air 2 was 3 minutes – 507 504 instead of minutes, and for iPad mini 2 – 487 483 instead of minutes. Benefited the owners of the first iPad mini. The indicator of autonomy he has grown more than 20 minutes – 508 instead of 487 minutes.

At the same time on one of the tablets duration of work without recharging fell. iPad 4 operates in the surf on iOS 9 almost 20 minutes less: 448 minutes on iOS 9 vs. 466 minutes on iOS 8.4.1.

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It is worth noting that users of iOS 9 yet complain of abnormal battery drain. But note that the OS is characteristic of “departures” from the home screen, from third-party applications. On some devices, “nine” is slower than on iOS 8.4.1.

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