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Experts called DisplayMate display the Galaxy S7 “best in industry” and recommended Apple to switch to OLED

Experts from DisplayMate are considered to be professionals in the field of mobile displays. So, in the past they have not bowed before Apple and truthfully dubbed the Retina display iPad mini dilapidated on the background of rivals, while appreciated iPad Air 2, and recognized the screen of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are the best on the market in the middle of the devices based on LCD technology. In quality it is eclipsed only screen Galaxy Note 4, but it is different technology. Now on the market have any latest display favorite.

Talking about Galaxy S7, which was recognized by the professionals DisplayMate best all round performance. The screen is made by technology OLED and compared with the model in Galaxy S6 surpasses it by a number of characteristics, in particular the peak brightness of the screen increased by 29%, improved readability in bright environments and with all this latest screen uses 20% less energy. Diagonal and the resolution is the same at 5.1-inch 2560×1440 pixels.

If we compare with the iPhone 6s, for Apple, the picture looks not so rosy. Resolution screen Galaxy S6 exceeds the opponent’s by more than half, the number of pixels larger than four times the peak brightness of the “Korean” is also higher. By contrast, the iPhone display screen is inferior to the Korean smartphone since the features of LCD panels.

“Many of the benefits of OLED due to the fact that the power for each sub-pixel in the display is provided separately. This allows you to enhance colors, increase contrast and improve image uniformity.

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Due to the flexible management of power OLED displays are not only more energy efficient than the LCD in most scenarios, but also provide peak brighter image than LCD counterparts. Although lighter image on the LCD screen will be brighter and more profitable in terms of energy efficiency,” – noted experts.

Long time Samsung uses OLED panels in its smartphones. While Apple uses in mobile devices exclusively LCD options. CEO Tim cook previously called OLED displays “awful.” According to him, such screens have unnatural colors, so when buying goods via the Internet, it can play with the user a cruel joke.

At the end of last year, information appeared that Apple turned to Korean and Japanese display manufacturers, calling on them to increase the rate of production of OLED panels, which must begin using the iPhone in 2017. In Cupertino are set to release the first model of its signature smartphone with a new type in 2017, however, it may happen that the iPhone 7s will also get a LCD display, and the launch of a smartphone with OLED display will be delayed for 2018 year. It all depends on the company will face any problems in preparation for launch or not.

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