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Experts believe that when the trump price iPhone could grow

The Apple can grow under the presidency of Donald trump. It is reported by RIA with reference to the opinion of some economists.

Earlier in the election campaign trump announced its intention to review trade relations with major trading partners of the United States, including with China. In particular, the Republican candidate promised to set the tax at 45% on the import of goods from that country. Economists warn that the policy of trump in this case will lead to higher prices for the iPhone that do just in China.

Possible import tax will be less than 45%, analysts say Barclays Bank. According to their forecast, the U.S. government will set it at 15%. However, “if the taxes will rise by 15%, we tend to believe that prices will also increase, but not 15%,” cites the publication the words of Professor of Economics Amit Khandelwal.

Experts cannot predict how it was then more expensive iPhone. “Taxes are set at the wholesale price, so if I have a computer for $ 1,000, it arrives to the wholesaler with a cost of probably $ 500 or less,” — gave the example of a Professor of Economics at new York University stern Paul Wachtel.

In General, economists believe that the main problem for Apple may be no establishment of a tax on imports from China, and possible retaliatory measures by the Chinese side. So, China could introduce its own tax on imports from the United States or to increase support for local manufacturers of smartphones using regulators.

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