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Expert: Windows is a dinosaur, which will destroy asteroids iOS and Android

Well-known journalist and blogger Paul Tarrot, often writing about Microsoft and famous for his knowledge about the company’s plans, seriously fears for the future of Windows. On his website he published a disappointing forecast for the most popular desktop platform.

According to the expert, Android and iOS now can be compared to the asteroids, and Windows with a dinosaur, which has all the chances to die after their collision with the Earth.

“If you think today PC accounts for a small fraction of personal technology, with time things will only get worse. After a few years a new generation keen on the online Google services and Apple hardware, will be able to use only these tools. Our children are growing up not with Microsoft technologies. Microsoft for them, as for us, Sears, AOL, or IBM”, – the journalist writes.

According to Carrot, which at one time very critically expressed about Windows Phone 8 and called Windows 8 “Frankenstein’s monster”, now there is a growing generation of young for which Google services are handy tools and Apple devices — common devices that are available to all users. For today’s children, Microsoft is getting something “ancient” and gradually forgotten.

Tarrot recognizes, however, that while Apple’s mobile platform and Google will not be able to fully replace Windows. In addition, there is a wide audience of gamers that support the life of PCs and, indirectly, the Microsoft OSes.

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