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Expert: the output of the Apple electric car can cause irreparable blow to the Russian economy

The arrival of Apple in the automotive business will be successful and will be a real shock for the industry. It will mark the end of the power oil, says financial analyst, chief investment officer Investment Management Associates Vitaliy Katznelson.

The Corporation that produces computers, smart phones, tablets, watches, the highest level of trust among consumers, virtually guaranteeing the success of almost any product for which it will undertake. When in 2019, Apple will release its own car, the company will take a huge segment of the automotive market – including because existing credibility. As a result, the demand for gasoline sharply reduced, and the oil-producing countries who do not have time to reorient their economies, they may face ruin.


By the time my youngest daughter MIA Sara, soon to be two years, learn to drive, cars with internal combustion engines will most likely turn into Museum pieces, like the Ford Model T. I knew that visiting the store after admiring Tesla and electric vehicle powertrain, which is similar to a skateboard, and is, in fact, from a flat piece of metal where the battery, four wheels and electric motor the size of a large watermelon. Here and in the Tesla car only 18 of movable parts, while machines with internal combustion engine the number reaches the hundreds, if not thousands. The funny thing is that these cars even more electronics than the Tesla.

Another great feature of electric vehicles is that they are, in essence, almost indistinguishable from smartphones. The prices of smartphones dropped significantly over the years, because their components have become widespread and commercial. Except for the tires, almost all elements of cars with internal combustion engines from different companies are unique and not interchangeable. Thus, the possibility of automation of the automotive industry is very limited. But the simplicity of electric cars and joining the industry, in addition to Tesla, and Apple are also likely to lead to a gradual reduction of prices.

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Consider this: just eight years ago the world was presented iPhone. No one then could not think that smartphones will create service Uber, which without the work would be taxi drivers around the world. And the consequences of the market expansion of electric vehicles will be even more ambitious. Apple is not overloaded with stereotypes that are entrenched in the brain, traditional car manufacturers, and therefore be able to create something new and impress consumers all over the world.

Gasoline can only be made from oil, but sources of electricity have more variety: natural gas, coal, atom, wind, water, oil (and it’s not the whole list). 70% of oil goes to cars and trucks. Imagine what would happen when there will be no need in the US might even forget how to pronounce the name “Saudi Arabia”, and the middle East will change forever. In countries such as Australia, Canada, Russia and Norway, whose economies are highly dependent on exports of raw materials, exchange rates will fall to levels not seen since the financial crisis.

Perhaps Apple will not be able to present your car as early as 2019, but the arrival of the company in the automotive business will be successful and will be a real shock for the industry.

P. S. this week, President Vladimir Putin acknowledged that low oil prices are the main factor of instability in the Russian economy. “They (sanctions) harm, of course, but they are not the primary cause of the decline of the Russian economy or other problems associated with inflation. For us, the main reason is, of course, lower prices on world markets for our traditional export commodities, oil, and gas, and some other goods. This is important,” said Putin in an interview ahead of the speech at the UN General Assembly.

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