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Expert: Japanese manufacturers will leave the market leaders after the release of Apple car

The days of “cheap and cheerful cars” like Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla, may be considered. They will be replaced by unmanned vehicles, which develop Apple and Google, reports RBC edition, which quoted a Japanese car designer Ken Okuyama, who developed the appearance of the Ferrari F60 Enzo and the Porsche Boxster.

Changing technologies driving can also threaten the position of Japan as a major producer of cars, says Okuyama. “If they [Japanese manufacturers] don’t look around, they run the risk of simply becoming suppliers of these [high-tech] companies,” he said.

Writing code becomes for the automotive industry as an important task as engineering, so Japanese companies should show that they can compete with the “giants of technology.” Machines are becoming more automated, and the market soon, according to Okuyama, can be divided into two camps: conventional cars that just meet mobility needs, and “super-luxury” cars that will be purchased by rich people. As a result, the demand for traditional cars such as the Civic (the most popular model of Honda), will decline, says Okuyama.

But the machines have to become more functional and accessible, he continues, Japanese manufacturers need to pay more attention to advanced technologies in the automotive industry — areas where they lag behind for many years.

“The autopilot will eventually become commonplace. As a result, the automakers will sell not only hardware, but also a system on driving,” concludes the Okuyama. Companies like Mercedes and Toyota have to pay attention to this area.

According to Reuters, Japanese companies Toyota, Honda and Nissan are going to present unmanned vehicle models by 2020. When Google introduced the drones and tested them on American roads. Apple is going to present his car with the autopilot by 2019.

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The car with the autopilot already released the company Tesla, but earlier he had found problems with the management. Tesla is asking drivers not to rely completely on autopilot and just in case to keep hands on the wheel.

Yesterday KAMAZ has informed that the company developed Autonomous cars by 2020 will be able to go around small obstacles, such as dogs. In contrast to Google or GM technology unmanned Vehicles relies on the “alternative view” and not on the placement of sensors on the roads. This will allow not to spend money on infrastructure development. Serial build unmanned Vehicles could begin by 2022.

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