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Expert in robotics and machine learning yockey Matsuoka returned to Nest, not worked in the Apple and year

Apple’s Vice President of technology yockey Matsuoka, left the company, reports Engadget. Top Manager refused to post in the “Apple” of the Corporation and returned to the Nest.

The company Nest, which produces devices for “smart home” 2015 belongs to the Alphabet. Matsuoka will take the post of chief technical Director. At the time, she was among the founders of a secret research division, Google X, which is engaged in the latest developments, including smart glasses Google Glass and self-driving car.

Professor of robotics Matsuoka worked at Apple from may 2016, she was engaged in software projects for tracking health HealthKit, CareKit and ResearchKit. In the summer of 2016 kupertinovtsy announced that the list of functions of the mobile Health app will be able to register in the database of organ donors. After a quick registration process the user’s personal data will go on the national register of organ donors, which is administered by Donate Life America.

Before joining Apple, Matsuoka worked as a technical leader Nest Labs.

The reasons for the withdrawal as a highly qualified specialist of the Apple sources are not reported. It is argued that the Vice President left the company “on good terms”.

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