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Experiment: how much can you save electricity if you disable the adapters iPhone, iPad, and Mac immediately after charging

Today published the results of an interesting study conducted by experts How To Geek. This work concerns the energy consumption of modern chargers for different electronic devices. The researchers posed the question, how much can you save electricity if you disable the adapters iPhone, iPad, and Mac from the electrical outlet immediately after charging.

Some people believe that being in the socket, chargers continue to use power. Allegedly wasted consumes about two thirds of the electricity used by portable gadgets. Experts with such statement of a question do not agree.

The experiment was conducted using a specialized meter P3 International P4460. Device that plugs in between the socket and the charger did not show much whatsoever tangible costs of electricity. Any connected to the charge meter showed the output of 0.0 watts. In order to “load” the sensor had to use six power adapters: for iPhone 6, for iPad Air, for Apple MacBook Air (2013), Surface Pro 2, for Samsung Chromebook and Nexus 7. The result – Oh,3 WH.

“The total parasitic energy consumption of chargers iPhone 6, iPad Air, MacBook Air, Surface Pro 2, Samsung Chromebook and Nexus 7 amounted to about,3 W/h keeping them connected to the electricity grid 24 hours a day 7 days a week throughout the year, we get 8760 hours in a year. This is equivalent to 2,628 kWh,” write the study authors.

The weighted average tariff, approved by the Executive authorities of the regions for the population without the use of reduction factors and differentiation of tariffs on zones (hours) of the day in Russia is 3,536 rubles per kW/h. Thus, if in the course of a year continuously to keep up to six sockets adapters, in zheke will have to pay 9.2 per ruble. Here is such savings.

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