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Ex-lead singer of Oasis, Noel Gallagher has compared Apple with Orwell’s dystopia

The founder of Oasis Noel Gallagher has criticized Apple, calling “arrogant” her statement about starting your own “world radio”. It comes to Beats 1, which the company calls the “first-hour Internet radio”.

Former frontman of Oasis, last unflattering speaks about streaming service Tidal, stated in the podcast Varvet International: “World radio Apple Music is something from George Orolla? How can you be so arrogant to say: “Now we have its world radio””.

To the question whether the musician by Apple Music service, Gallagher said: “There is no The Kinks. As there is no section that is called “Musical collection of Noel Gallagher” I’m not going to listen to him”.

In an interview with Noel Gallagher expressed dissatisfaction streaming services so that they can listen to the tracks instead of buying albums. “If you tell me what era purchase music went, it would upset me,” he said. – Now renting: you can pay and listen any music, but not her own. It’s sad.”

Commenting on soccerwise to communicate with musicians Connect Apple Music, Gallagher said, “Who cares what Tom York? Seriously, who cares? I find it strange, if someone wants to know what I’m doing at any moment”.

Noel Gallagher has decided to publish a collection of remixes of songs from the last album Chasing Yesterday. The album entitled “Where The City Meets The Sky: Chasing Yesterday: The Remixes” will go on sale September 25. The release will be available on vinyl, including a limited, as well as in digital form on the official website of the musician.

In June of this year, guitarist and singer visited Russia in support of the second album of his new band High Flying Birds.

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