Everything interesting for the week # 5

The work week is over, the weekend is coming to an end, which means that the time for the next collection of "About Everything".

One paragraph news

iPad Pro 2019

iPad 10.2

Macotakara reports that this year the iPad Pro will receive a triple camera. Most likely, the same as in the future iPhone 11. But the 10.2-inch iPad will receive a dual camera. All this for augmented reality. Outwardly, except for the camera, there will be no changes: a major update was last year, and this will only update the inside. This news is not very pleasing to me, because you have to buy a new keyboard case, and this is not the cheapest accessory.

Sberbank plans to launch its own music streaming service. The bank is looking for partners, negotiations are underway with Yandex, Group and Zvooq. The main priority of the bank is the development of its ecosystem until 2020.

Apple has released many videos about the Apple Card. They talk about how to connect and configure a card, find out the balance, and so on. Users have already begun to receive cards in test mode, and the service will start fully before the end of this month. The rules for using the card, by the way, are very specific.

Remember last year Samsung ridiculed Apple for the lack of a 3.5mm jack in smartphones? So, in the Galaxy Note10 it is not there either. And all would be fine if the company had not removed the commercials from its channels on YouTube (but on some you can still find them). I am ashamed!

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Blackmagic introduced a compact camera Pocket Cinema Camera 6K for $ 2,495. And for this money, this is a real top: video in 6K can be shot with a frequency of up to 50 frames per second, in 2.8K – up to 120. Photosensitivity up to 25 600, lightweight body, five-inch touch screen. The camera is already available for purchase. If you are shooting a video, then this is one of the best options. Soon all vlogs will be in 6K, I guarantee.

Trailers of the week

"Drive with the devil"

A film starring Nicholas Cage and Laurence Fishburne. The plot tells about the unsuccessful movement of drugs from Mexico through the United States to Canada. Premiere on September 20.

The Addams Family

The most famous gothic family in the world. An animated comedy will appear in cinemas on October 31.

If you missed the videos on the Wylsacom channel

We looked at the layouts of the iPhone 11 and XR2 and share our impressions:

Valya talked about Samsung's huge touch board and the new Tab S6 tablet:

The main announcement of the week is the Galaxy Note10 and Note10 +:

Ilya talked about all the news from the Unpacked presentation in six minutes:

For a week, Valya uses Android and shares her impressions:

And what do you remember this week?

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