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Every second user iPhone 7 advocated the return to mechanical Home button

Many owners of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus still not used to the new touch Home button. It is reported by PhoneArena, citing a study.

As you know, home button in the new smartphone Apple has no physical moves and, in fact, is a simple recess in the front panel. Finger the dif ference is almost not notice — each press is accompanied by a resilient click, thanks to the Taptic engine Engine. However, a new principle of work is not like all users.

Journalists swooped to know if owners of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to notice a big difference. As it turned out, many users still could not get used to the new button: 46.6% of owners of new “sevens” miss mechanical key. The remaining 53.4% of the quickly accustomed to innovation.

In total, the study involved 1107. The authors of the survey noted that the replacement of mechanical buttons has a positive impact on the iPhone: first, it helped Apple to achieve the waterproof function of mobile devices, and secondly, the touch key is not subject to wear and tear of a mechanical nature.

The main drawback of a button the iPhone 7 is that it to work directly contact with the skin and the sensory ring module Touch ID. Touching a finger ring, the user activates the button. For residents of Northern regions, who often have to wear gloves, it can become a big problem. Key does not work even with the special gloves for touch screens that have fabric on the fingertips held the material.

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