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Every fifth Russian user glues the webcam of the laptop with electrical tape

Every fifth Russian Internet user stick tape webcam laptop. Such statistics has anti-virus company ESET, interviewed 2,200 respondents.

The study was conducted in December 2016. Respondents chose any answer to the question, “Can hackers hack webcam of your laptop?”. More than a third of respondents in the talents of the cyber criminals, no doubt – 39% of respondents chose the answer “of Course, then, they are hackers”.

Another 20% of respondents ESET indirectly confirm the seriousness of the threat. These respondents in order to avoid hacker attacks has already seal the camera with tape.

18% of the respondents do not deny that the hackers are able to remotely access the webcam, but we are confident in the effectiveness of your antivirus software. They chose the answer “I will protect the antivirus”. 13% of respondents blithely believe that hacking Webcams is threatened unless the celebs and “mere mortals” have nothing to fear.

Finally, 10% did not believe the reports about the hacking of Webcams – in their opinion, it’s fiction.

Compared to the previous year’s survey, faith in the ability of hackers decreased. In 2015, 52% of respondents were convinced that their camera can hack, and 17% used the electrical tape. 12% of respondents doubted that their webcam may be of interest to hackers, 11% fully trust your antivirus, and 8% were convinced that such a break – up.

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