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Evernote will permit employees to read user stories with the goal of improving machine learning technology

Storage service Evernote notes from January will provide access to its employees to notes users. This introduction is necessary in order to allow the developer to control the work of “machine intelligence”. This is stated in the official company blog.

From 1 January 2017 all users of Evernote will have to make a new confidentiality agreement. First and foremost, this is necessary in order to establish the technology of “machine learning”. In particular, the staff will have to monitor the correct operation of technology. “Overview of the notes the man is simply inevitable,” – said the creators of the service.

In order to ensure that the technology works as expected, the staff will have to look at the content of some user accounts. This does not mean that all the employees of Evernote will have access to this data, but nonetheless notes can be viewed.

As noted in Evernote access your notes and files users will have a limited number of authorized employees who will take place strict measures of authentication to protect this access. Additionally, the list of such employees promise not to increase.

There are other points that party people will be able to see user accounts. Evernote employees can look at the contents of the notes if they believe that a person violates the terms of service, Troubleshooting and support service, and if they deem it necessary to protect the rights, property, or personal safety of Evernote and users.

The company noted that the new privacy policy will not affect the application. In addition, users who do not want to give Evernote access to your recordings, it is possible to encrypt them, or just abandon the machine learning techniques in the privacy settings. However, Evernote warns that those who are refused access, will not be able to “get the most out of the service.”

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