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Even Sony started to copy Apple

In September last year together with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple introduced a completely wireless AirPods headphones. Sales of the device started in December. The CEO used the phrase “runaway success” when describing the sales results AirPods in the first two weeks.

No doubt Apple has once again asked the trend in the market. Yes, her headphones were not the first such product, but they were the first aimed directly at normal use with a smartphone, not a replacement activity trackers. The Network has already appeared rumors that the upcoming flagship Samsung Galaxy S8 will also get similar headphones. Could not resist copying and Japanese Sony, which traditionally went his own way.

During CES 2017, the Japanese giant has unveiled a prototype of its own completely wireless headphones. While this is only a test model, but very little is known. The manufacturer has not specified neither the autonomy nor the cost of a headset. But judging by the design of the product, it will be aimed at everyday use.

Sony headphones are quite compact, and store also available as AirPods in the charging case. When waiting for the debut of the device, Sony said. But in this case important is the fact that the company is developing its counterpart AirPods.

This means that in 2017 we can expect a lot of similar devices from other manufacturers, especially in view of the fact that smartphones, deprived of the usual 3.5 mm Jack, becoming more and more. For this you also need to thank Apple.

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