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Even his own Google search app on iOS better than on Android

App Motion Stills from Google, which debuted a year ago on iOS, finally came out on Android devices. Originally it was designed to function Live Photos on the iPhone. Motion Stills automatically scans the phone’s gallery for the presence of “live” photos and turns them into “gifs”, simultaneously stabilizing and reducing video “shaking.” Often the results are much better than the Live Photos.

Version for Android is also creating clips, but since Live Photos is the exclusive function of iOS, Motion Stills works a little differently. The app allows you to record the “cyclic” gifs and glue fragments.

The interface of Android version of Motion Stills looks different and inferior in convenience to the version under iOS. One of the main “chips” Motion Stills – view existing “live” photo on the iPhone, many of which have been forgotten by the user.

The Android version is largely meaningless, as the videos, the user must create directly in Motion Stills. That is, to decide whether “GIF” is necessary at the time of photographing. In addition, GIF images can be shared with friends through the app, but they are not automatically saved to the gallery, they must be exported one at a time.

Among the unique features of Motion Stills for Android it is worth noting the function of “Fast forward” video up to 1 minute is accelerated 8 times.

Despite the fact that Motion Stills creates a stable short videos on both platforms, on Android the app a lot less sense. And it’s not so much the lack of Live Photos, as in lack of integration with the gallery.

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