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Euroset announced a reward of 46 000 rubles for the kidnapper iPhone 6 [video]

The Director of “Euroset” in Ekaterinburg Alexander Insurance announced a reward for any information provided about the kidnapper iPhone 6. The time of the theft was recorded by surveillance cameras, the company hopes that someone can identify the attacker.

As told to the Employees on the evening of may 21 in store “Euroset” young man stole from the shop window expensive smartphone. Phone the thief hid in a sweatshirt, and then asked a few questions to the consultant and retired. Shoplifting is discovered only after several hours.

“Was a daring theft. The robber is a young man of slim build, with black hair and thick eyebrows, non-Slavic appearance. He spoke Russian well. Was dressed in blue jeans, blue hoodie, grey shirt, white socks and black loafers”, – reported resource 66 in “Euroset”.

For the information — name, place of work, residence, or a link to a page on the social network — the company is willing to pay. “The amount of compensation corresponds to the value of the stolen iPhone — 45 990 rubles”, – said the representative of the company.

The case of stealing an iPhone 6 from the salon in Yekaterinburg, is not an isolated. In December last year in Ruzaevka, Mordovia, unknown it took 30 seconds to get out of their office “Beeline” whole showcase with smartphones Apple. In January in Saransk unknown has committed a daring robbery of the office of the operator of the big three. Double front door of the cabin of the operator, is protected by the shutter, he smashed through a manhole. Prey of robber are iPhone 5 and iPhone 6.

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