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European antimonopolschiki ordered Apple to create an application that simplifies the transition from iPhone to Android smartphones

Apple under pressure from the European competition authorities have agreed to release an app that simplifies the transition from iPhone to Android. It is reported the British Telegraph.

In September last year alongside the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus Apple has introduced a customized application Move to iOS, which enables owners of mobile devices on Android, the transition to iPhone and iPad. The program copies wirelessly all the data with “Google phone” from your contact list and library of photos to e-mail accounts and browser bookmarks and transfers them to the iPhone. In addition, available in the online Apple store good apps for Android are recommended.

It appears that the antitrust authorities of the European Union considered the emergence of such application by the infringement of competition. Local mobile operators supported the Agency stating that Apple “artificially makes it more difficult for users to switch to devices from other manufacturers”. Telegraph sources claim that Apple has agreed with the claims and has promised to release an official app, but to move from iPhone to Android device.

There are serious doubts that Apple has decided to do voluntarily, and not under pressure back. Otherwise, the company may fall under another investigation in the EU.

Note that the Move to iOS was the first official Apple app, released to Google Play. Owners of Android-devices after the program has organized an aggressive mob. At the moment the estimates dominated by one star (over 35 000). In second place — five stars (about 15 500). At the same time from 2 to 4 stars, which users typically assess applications, there were very few. The ratio, shown in the screenshot below, indicates a low percentage of these assessments.

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About the timing of the appearance of the app “Move to Android” reliable information yet. Although there is no doubt that Apple will pull to the last before similar to this will appear in a branded online store of the company.

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