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Europe launches its alternative to GPS and GLONASS navigation system Galileo

December 15, will start to operate the European satellite navigation system Galileo will be operational. About it reports “Interfax” with reference to the statement of the European Commission.

“For the first time, users worldwide will be able to navigate with the help of the Galileo satellites,” said a member of the European Commission lucea Code. Currently on orbit 18 satellites is derived.

The developers believe that their system will be more accurate than the American GPS and the Russian GLONASS. However, at the stage of putting Galileo into operation the signal from European satellites will be strengthened with the help of GPS satellites.

It is planned that by 2020, the orbit should be withdrawn 30 satellites of the Galileo constellation. The developers claim that their system will be more accurate than GPS, and will provide Europeans independence from the American GPS, Russian GLONASS and Chinese Compass. Putting the system into operation was originally planned for 2008.

Original package, free use worldwide, will be available only on smartphones navigation platforms already equipped with chips compatible with Galileo. According to the official representative of the European Commission of the Peace TALCO, several giants in the field of granting of services of cellular communication are already working on the creation of such chips.

At the same time, some devices only need to upgrade the software in order to begin using.

Galileo is a joint project of satellite navigation system of the European Union and the European space Agency, is part of a transport project TRANS-European network. In addition to the countries of the European Union in the project are: China, Israel, South Korea, Ukraine.

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Unlike the American GPS and Russian GLONASS, Galileo is not controlled by national military departments, however, in 2008, the EU Parliament adopted a resolution on “the Importance of space for Europe’s security”, according to the use of satellite signals for military operations. Total costs are estimated at around 10 billion euros.

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