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Eternal flash drive: in Russia created an optical memory for hundreds of thousands of years of storage

Engineers worldwide are actively working to develop more advanced recording technology and data storage. Russian scientists have managed not just to succeed in this field, but also to make a real breakthrough.

Experts of the Russian chemical-technological University named after D. I. Mendeleev together with the Directorate-General for research activities and advanced technologies of the Ministry of defence has managed to create a unique technology for an ultra-stable optical memory.

Thanks to this development, Russia has become a world leader in the field of storing data. New technology for an ultra-stable memory based on the establishment of a special nanoresearch with defined properties. It is also possible by irradiation of quartz crystals by laser radiation, which is set in advance the desired settings. This enables the recording of information in a single cell one, as is customary in traditional media, and three bits of information.

Another important advantage of the new technology is that a specially designed media is highly resistant even to extreme external influences. It can be stored for hundreds of years, can easily withstand extremely high temperatures up to 800 degrees Celsius and is resistant both to radiation and to chemical attack. The defense Ministry expects that the new technology eventually contribute to the transition to domestic storage device.

According to experts, the creation of new, unique data storage technology and specifically designed for this device will allow Russia not only to abandon their Western counterparts, but most become a leader in this field.

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