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Estonian cable Bold Knot will charge a smartphone up to two times faster [video]

The creators of Bold cable Knot of Estonian companies BOLD Gadgets claim that their invention is capable of faster charging any smartphone. The small size of the tangle of parachute sling is available in different versions, which differ in color and structure of the filament.

On one side of the coil of cable is placed a Lightning connector or microUSB, port for connecting to a USB connector. Special cap allows you to wrap around the wire and the accessory to be used as a keychain.

Bold Knot – not just cable, but also the external battery. The makers of the product claim that there is enough capacity to charge an iPhone by a third. When connecting to the power adapter first will be charged a smartphone, and then the battery accessory. What novelty accelerates the charging of the mobile device, the Estonians did not specify.

The cost of a Bold Knot will be 50 dollars. Users on the site Indiegogo, the gadget will cost $ 30. In total, the developers plan to collect $ 15,000, the beginning of deliveries of the gadget is scheduled for October.

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