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Essential Phone became available

Six months after the official announcement of the smartphone Essential much cheaper.

Essential Phone is a premium device, developed by Andy Rubin, one of the creators of Android. The gadget stands out from its competitors with its design and system of the magnetic modules. But the price is 699 dollars scared off many potential buyers. Now Essential Phone sold for $ 499.

According to journalists from TechCrunch, Rubin wants to reduce price to expand the audience of your product. Attempts to fight Apple and Samsung in the premium segment did not succeed. For this reason, Essential decided to slow down and to follow the example of other startups who sacrifice profits for the sake of the audience.

Previously, the company BayStreet, which tracks smartphone shipments, reported that Essential managed to sell about 5,000 branded devices. And this despite the high expectations of analysts and as one of the most important startups of the year, according to FierceWireless. Edition Mobiltelefon even dubbed it the only device able to outshine the iPhone.

Essential Phone and additional module-the camera was delivered on 30 may 2017.

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