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Erdogan told how the iPhone helped him save the Turkey

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in an interview with Cnet said that the night of the insurrection made the appeal with the iPhone. According to him, Turkish citizens could not watch the broadcast on national television, so the President came out this way.

On the night of 16 July when there was an attempted coup in Turkey, Erdogan was in a desperate situation — he was literally minutes before the rebels would destroy his guard and would have killed or arrested him.

The Turkish President tried to appeal to the nation on television, but the television station had already been seized by the rebels by the military. “I wanted to have TV and access the entire Turkish population from the screens, but people at home could not watch the broadcast by national TV. We had to switch to “plan B” — we used the smartphone and a number of private TV channels,” — said Erdogan.

In order to appeal to the people, the Turkish President used his iPhone and the FaceTime video conferencing service. With a smartphone, the Turkish President was able to convey his message to private channels of Marmaris, where he was on vacation.

Immediately thereafter, thousands of Turks began to take to the streets and began to resist the rebels. Many Turkish citizens had followed the call of the President and began a mass protest against the coup. A short time later the rebels, and not being able to capture the President or the Prime Minister of the country, began to surrender.

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The head of Turkey said that during the attempted coup, he and his family narrowly escaped death. At the beginning of the rebellion, he, along with relatives were staying at the hotel in Marmaris. In the evening, Erdogan warned of the unrest in major Turkish cities, after which he and his family hurriedly left the hotel. In a few minutes the building was raided by the rebels during the struggle killed two of the presidential guard.

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