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Epic Little War Game – wargame for everyone

As you know, the genre of Wargaming is the most sophisticated and highbrow. The ordinary user was not welcome there: novice immediately rests on the cascade of figures, charts and wall of text. To get pleasure from wargame (of course, if it’s not Total War) first, we make an enormous effort – then the game will be revealed, sparkled and will delight. Epic Little War Game – a rare example of the genre, which pleases immediately, not down a ton of information.

In General, from the title is all clear – this is a true wargame, which is open to everyone: is simple (but deep!) a set of rules, and a clear picture of available supply. Starts the campaign with, mustachioed General, loudly announces the beginning of a new war – against blue. Well, you are, of course, red. Begins: landing on a foreign land, to protect their territories, sabotage and massive attacks on the enemy forces.

The main goal is to destroy the state of the opponent. This will not just create a bunch of soldiers, but think of your head because the enemy pursues exactly the same goals. Since battles are turn-based, nothing prevents you to take a break and to think over the plan here is to attack from the flank, here to go to the front, and the grunt to take on the jeep right in the heart of the enemy. Let make some noise there. Don’t forget about the nuances. For example, the rocket launcher is better against buildings, and the sniper is fine viselkedett infantry. The elevated position will give you combat advantage, and suddenly the approaching reinforcements – from either side – can turn the tide of battle.

The economy of war in Epic Little War Game is arranged simply, but not without a highlight. Resource two: coins and energy. Both are completed at the expense of the buildings and allow to increase the combat power can build turrets, walls, to buy infantry and tanks. Surprisingly, there are no timings – no recruiting, no building: you hire a soldier, they immediately jump out of the barracks. The number is limited only by the amount of money – this simple nuance can turn the tide of battle 180 degrees. It seemed that the enemy is already pinned to the wall and is about to fall under the onslaught, but then out of the factory runs 50 tanks, and slaughter takes on a completely different vector.

When the campaign you get bored or run out (it’s short), then throw a look at the multiplayer. Everything is the same, but with a small correction – the first time you will depart in five moves. Living enemy is always smarter and more sophisticated computer, so you will know well the depths of human cunning – the good, the game has to it. Another nice mode – co-op for six. You can gather a great company, run Epic Little War Game, customize any card in the format of “unbridled joy” to spend the evening.

Is Epic Little War Game 379 roubles – decent money for good strategy, which, moreover, still lacks the snobbish smirk. It will allow you to fully feel the joy of Wargaming, while not forcing the heart to learning long rules. But don’t be deceived by the cartoon image and the word “Little” in the title is a little sweat and here.

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