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Enthusiasts have tested the water resistance of Galaxy S7 edge and iPhone 6s Plus [video]

iPhone 6s, though behind the scenes, but is considered to be protected from exposure to water. The device even cooked in boiling water and it did not lead to problems in his work. Videoblogger decided to compare a flagship phone and Apple’s latest smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7.

Samsung claims that its product is protected against the ingress of moisture. The smartphone can half an hour be submerged up to a meter and a half. And Galaxy S7 is no special water-resistant plugs, don’t have to even plug a 3.5 millimeter headphone Jack. The gadget is protected from dust that was already in the fifth generation of the flagship Samsung, but for some reason was absent in Galaxy S6.

Enthusiast with channel EverythingApplePro decided to compare how long the waterproof Galaxy S7 will be able to “sit” iPhone 6s in the water tank.

Both devices are placed under water, periodically removed and tested their performance. While, initially, iPhone 6s was very good, 15 minutes on the screen appeared artifacts. Moreover, at the end the experimenter had to literally squeeze the Apple smartphone, while the water flowed from jets. Samsung Galaxy S7 with protection class IP68, lying in the same capacity with water, continued to show on display.

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