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Enthusiasts have compared the performance of the iPhone 7 and Google Pixel [video]

Testing the new flagship Google Pixel users study the performance benchmark for Android devices. In the end, during the presentation of the search giant a lot of time devoted precisely to the hardware of their smartphones.

In the Internet appeared the video, which compares the performance of the Google Pixel with a top smartphone Apple. In addition to synthetic the authors conducted a “life” test – start the stopwatch and began to run identical apps on both smartphones.

Such a comparison is more close to reality than running benchmarks. Both companies strive to equip their main smartphones advanced hardware to optimize for better performance.

Some users are willing to go Holy crusade on anyone who dares compare Android phones with iPhone. They say, and different operating systems, and hardware another, etc. Dare to disagree and Express confidence that the two same gadgets in the same price category is not only possible but also need to compare. Moreover, in the course of the presentation representatives of Google once yourself comparing their offspring with a competing device.

Who exactly emerged victorious in the test Tech of Tomorrow, can learn by watching the short video above. Those who do not wish to observe what is happening, then you can skip to around 5:02 where you see the final results.

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