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Enthusiasts have compared the iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in the water resistance test [video]

Although behind the scenes, but the latest generation iPhone is considered to be protected from exposure to water. Apple even cooked in boiling water and it did not led to problems in their work. Videoblogger channel Xeetechcare decided to compare the iPhone 6s waterproofing with the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and the Galaxy S7.

Samsung claim that their new flagship is protected from moisture. Galaxy Note 7 is water-resistant and in accordance with the standard IP68 is able to withstand immersion under water to a depth of 1 meter. Branded stylus pen for Samsung can also work under water.

Enthusiasts decided to find out what will happen with the waterproof Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6s after 10 minutes of being in the water.

All three smartphones were placed in a container of water and periodically check their performance. After 10 minutes, the gadgets got. At first glance, the Apple has held a stiff upper lip: he worked all the buttons, the display responded to the tap. However, when listening to music it turned out that the speaker is distorted. Then due to water ingress into the audio Jack of the iPhone switched to headphones mode.

Devices South Korean brand, lying in the same capacity with water, continued to work as if nothing had happened.

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