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Enthusiast hooked up to a Mac Pro six 4K monitors at 60 Hz [video]

Great Adam Matthew found that workstations Mac Pro can display the image simultaneously on six monitors in 4K resolution. The corresponding demo video of the “50 000 000 pixels” on her YouTube channel.

In the standard configuration Mac Pro only supports three monitors ultra high definition. Therefore enthusiast hooked up to the car PSU Corsair CX750 and external graphics AMD7970 GPU in Boxing Sonnet.

“It is known that the basket Mac Pro 2013 only supports three monitors with a resolution of 4K. I decided to connect to the computer external graphics unit (eGPU) via Thunderbolt. It uses the chassis Sonnet Thunderbolt graphics and AMD 7970. Optionally, you can choose GTX970, GTX 980, Titan and others”, – the journalist writes.

The assembled set-up has allowed Matthew to connect to the Mac Pro six 4K monitors. Interestingly, the image is displayed on an external display with a frequency of 60 GHz.

It is worth noting that the experience of Adam Matthew is not the original. In April, the experiment put the author Macworld James Galbraith who has successfully hooked up to a Mac Pro at the same time device 42. Using all available computer connectors, it is connected to a cylindrical computer 36 external hard drives (19 Thunderbolt, 15 USB, 2 FireWire 800) with total capacity of over 100 TB, dual monitor Apple Cinema display, Thunderbolt Display monitors and HP Z Display Z27, and dock the Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock and the CalDigit Thunderbolt.

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