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Enthusiast has ported Google Maps to Apple’s CarPlay [video]

One of the world’s most popular mapping and navigation apps Google Maps is officially available on Apple CarPlay. Despite all the flaws and limitations of signature service car interface supercinski the company allows you to use only Apple Maps.

Now Apple CarPlay supports native Apple maps, but their functionality, especially in the Russian reality, very limited. Therefore, many iPhone owners may need a more advanced alternative.

A developer from California under the name Leftyfl1p published a video showing Google Maps on the multimedia system with Apple CarPlay. In the video you can see iPhone connected to the car system via the Lightning cable, and provides access to applications, including the map service Google directly from the screen side of the system.

The advantage of the approach is that the user does not have to use the HDMI connection to broadcast the screen of the iPhone, because the interface is built into CarPlay.

The video shows work on iOS 10 jailbreak. Although there is no reason why such a system did not work with other versions of iOS.

In addition to Google Maps in the car interface Apple may be other “unofficial” apps, claims Leftyfl1p. Unfortunately, information on the specific timing of the release tool yet.

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