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Enthusiast connect Apple Cinema Display to the Apple II [video]

A fan of Apple technology Matt Pearce has put an unusual experiment. He set out to connect an Apple II to monitor Apple Cinema Display. For what purpose? Enthusiast decided to play Oregon Trail on a color screen diagonal of 27 inches. Experiment Pearce recorded on video by preceding it with a small story about this Mac.

The Apple II was first presented at the conference West Coast Computer Fair in 1977. The power of the machine was the same as the Apple I. It is capable of reproducing color graphics, the sounds (and even connects to the cassette tape recorder), and also has a built-in BASIC programming language. The Apple II became one of the earliest and most successful personal computers of the time.

To connect ancient PC to a modern monitor has not been easy, but pierce found a way out. The image is displayed with the Apple II with RCA interface (“tulips”). In order to transfer the picture to a monitor Apple needed HDMI Converter adapter and HDMI to mini DisplayPort.

Connecting an Apple II to monitor, pier, and played in a popular computer game.

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