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Enthusiast checked all iPhone models on resistance to fire [video]

There is little doubt that the latest iPhone models with metal housing are fire. Videoblogger decided to ascertain whether this is so. The experiments were subjected to all Apple smartphones, including the very first model in a plastic shell.

A YouTube user by the name of Zach Strali decided to experiment to know which of all the released models of the iPhone will be able to survive the fire. The first test he made immediately after he set fire to the gadgets. When the flame was extinguished, he looked at what happened with smartphones. Strali gave the phone cool down and tried to include them.

The result was unpredictable: he survived only five of the most first models, the old iPhone 2G was switched off and went through hell. He runs a screen and speaker, even though the Power button had melted.

In the video below you can see what happens with Apple in the fire and behave like plastic and aluminum unibody, the iPhone in such situations.

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