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Enterprising buyers change iPhone in parcels on clay and require the shops compensation

The online store Amazon was faced with a new type of fraud from buyers iPhone. After purchase of the smartphone and receiving the package, people are changing the smartphone in a box on a piece of clay, and then require from the seller a refund.

iPhone without binding to the cellular operator sells on Amazon from a third party. And they sent a new kind of fraud. Some buyers blackmailing them with a piece of clay and require the administration of reimbursement of the cost of purchase, writes Onliner.

By placing the clay in the box instead of the iPhone, people do the publish in the store a negative review and require compensation. If the administration will Amazon be able to convince the fraud, the unscrupulous buyer will remain with the smartphone, and with money. In fact, get the iPhone absolutely free of charge and with absolutely no risk, with the exception of account. New you can make a couple of clicks.

Amazon has a strict policy in this regard and cautions for sellers themselves sell: it is unprofitable to deceive buyers and spoil the negative reviews on the service their reputation which was earned for many years.

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