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Engineers are testing augmented reality glasses Apple complain of pain in the eyes

Previously it was repeatedly reported that Apple is working on augmented reality technology. It is assumed that the first to implement it in the iPhone 8, then the debut of augmented reality glasses. In the network appeared the document confirming the fact of testing of a second prototype of augmented reality glasses.

Gizmodo has published a secret report on incidents in Apple prepared by the Manager environment, health and safety. By mistake he was sent to hundreds of California employees of the company.

The report contains descriptions of more than 70 different incidents. In particular, two incidents are prototype devices for the eyes, which allowed to conclude work with the augmented reality glasses. It is reported that the test device experienced the discomfort and even pain in the eyes.

21 February of this year, there were an appeal to the ophthalmologist of the Apple employee who complained of severe pain in the eye. In response to the question about the causes of discomfort, he admitted that he had tested a prototype smart glasses using lasers. 2 March 2017 another employee also went to the doctor with the same complaint.

The use of laser with glasses augmented reality is quite likely. Presumably the device monitors eye movements “media”, and changes the display content depending on what he’s looking at.

The paper describes other interesting incidents. It is reported that one of the employees opened the box Apple Pencil with faulty batteries and felt a sharp smell. Presumably, the reason is the leakage of electrolytes. Another worker injured his knee when he was skiing in the lake Tahoe area during testing the Apple Watch.

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