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Energy ball Pad Oro wirelessly charges your iPhone [video]

One of the disadvantages of many of today’s smartphones with large screens and powerful processors is a weak battery that can’t provide a long time of Autonomous work. Moreover, a discharged condition often finds user by surprise, and wires under the hand may not be. For such cases serves a range of chargers.

The original model was developed by San Francisco-Meta:space. Adapter called Ora Pod is a small ball, which provides charging of mobile devices without a cable. Its capacity is enough to charge any smartphone models. The manufacturer declares support for iPhone 5/5s/5c, iPhone 6/6 Plus, and communicators running Android and Windows Phone.

New made in a compact design that allows it to fit in your pocket, and weighs about 150 grams. The ball consists of two parts: the displacement of the upper compartment provides access to the plug and connectors Lightning / microUSB. Meta:space has already registered an application with the Bureau of patents and trademarks in the USA and waiting for a patent on his design.

The manufacturer promises the appearance of charging on sale in the near future, but its value has not yet reported. On the website of the company can be left pre-order the new product. The offered range of seven colors including silver, black, hot pink and carrot.

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