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Enemy Strike 2 – hi the era of ancient galleries

By itself, the nostalgia is a good thing. Just remember that it was before, you can do that will be later. The main thing is not to dwell on that nostalgia, not to build around it his whole existence. This also applies to games – perhaps their in the first place: the sector that is most prone to aging. Nostalgia in gaming culture and has a right to exist – but only in the right form. Enemy Strike 2 – so a textbook example of misused of nostalgia that simply can not ignore.

This shooting – the authors call the game “shooter”, but not believe. You freeze in one place, in front of you is concrete block. After a couple of seconds after starting the level, sorry, slots are full enemies-some, apparently, alien invaders. They’re easy enough to shoot, but at first – then enemies are increasing, their armor thicker and snipers climb on.
A list of your actions is limited to the genre: you can bend down, hiding behind the concrete wall, insert “optics”, change weapon (only two choices) Yes to use something from the additional funds – for example, a first aid kit.

And 20 years, 25 years, this would have sufficed – shoot, what more do you want. Maybe it would be enough now, but in Enemy Strike 2 just disgusting defiantly made everything not for the gameplay. The first couple of hours – the battle on two or three maps; in thirty minutes they tired of the nausea. Enemies move as if cut from cardboard and glued sloppy here. In the yard, actually, 2015, and on the device where this mess is happening, quite successfully works primitive, but sorcerey Effect 2 Dead and a dozen games comparable pictures.

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Beyond the battlefield – the same puddle. The levels are scattered on an abstract map, with the majority closed due to restrictions to open a new, you need either to pay or to pump. For example, the ninth “level”. Hero swings very slowly, and only give points for completing missions on those same two or three maps. You have to fill the same missions to earn experience trying to shoot them in the head because headshots for the write-UPS. The wheel of samsara turns again and again, machine all shoots and shoots, the aliens all die and perish, and the result is one – you are still infinitely far from further passage.

With Arsenal here better, but a lot rests on cash – out your present wallet. To earn a decent machine, in principle, possible, but, again, the restriction on the level. And the opponents each time getting stronger, despite the fact that the destructive power of your guns are still low.

It is worth to mention, why are we talking about Enemy Strike 2 write, if it’s that bad. The problem is that most cries of “do as before” ends just that – with a half-baked hack, which is, indeed, “as before” – only that does not help anyone. The world does not stand still, technology moves forward – just go with them and you, instead of standing on the sidelines, demanding the return of the Golden age of shooting, when everything was so cool.

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