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Employees of American companies can buy Apple Watch for $25

A number of major companies have decided to offer their employees a discount on Apple Watch. The event is held in part to promote a healthy lifestyle among employees and their motivation to exercise.

In 2016, a similar campaign to reduce the cost of the Apple Watch are planning to launch such brands as Vitality Group, DaVita Healthcare Partnets, Amgen and others. The employees of these pharmaceutical organizations will be allowed to buy “smart” watches at a nominal price of $ 25, and employees are beginning to actively monitor their health and activity.

With the help of a wearable wrist computer leadership hopes to track the health of employees, motivate them to move more. The initiators hope that in this way they can save on the insurance premiums.

We offer you a very good discount because the original price of the Apple Watch is as much as 350 dollars. However, workers will have to comply with a number of conditions and lead a healthy lifestyle for two years. If they do not, they must compensate the company for the full value of smart watches.

Earlier it was reported that Apple offered its employees a discount on the purchase of any model of Apple Watch, including the most expensive collection. So, the discount for versions of the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport was 50%, for model Apple Watch Edition, made of yellow or rose gold – $550. Take advantage of the discount, it was possible within three months after the launch of the device.

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