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Elon Musk fears that Google robots will destroy the human race

Google continues to work on technology to create “smart” robots that will be able to answer, thanks to a given program, any expectations and requirements of their owner, and literally try on the mask of any person, what the owner wants, whether its a neighbor or relative, or even an idol.

World experts in the sphere of high technologies have already expressed concerns and warnings of the Internet giant about his robotic design can be used for defensive purposes that may lead to their program in an aggressive way. The head of Google Larry page noted that the company will consider all remedies for code action robots and will not allow their use, for example, for military purposes.

Their concerns were also expressed by the head of the Board of Directors of Tesla Motors Elon Musk. “I’m very concerned about the development of Google. Artificial intelligence can be programmed to do evil and in the end destroy the whole human race”, he said.

Google currently has an Arsenal of high-tech elements to create robotic units, however, the ultimate goal of the campaign and organization of the army of robots, according to many experts, it is still not clear.

“This can happen accidentally, but it is a possibility,” said Musk.

Earlier American billionaire working on creating a spacecraft to deliver astronauts to the International space station (ISS), told that he and his family fear for his life.

“My family is afraid that the Russians will kill me,” said Musk in an interview for his biography Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future, written by journalist ashlee Vance. The book will be on sale until may 19th and is currently available only on pre-order.

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In his book, the journalist quotes a conversation with a Tesla employee, whose name he does not name. The interviewee told how missed the event, to be present at the birth of a child, then got to the Mask a letter stating that he did “no excuses.” “I am extremely disappointed. You need to prioritize. We’re going to change the world and change history, and you either do it or not”, — stated in the letter.

Elon Musk is the founder and CEO of Tesla, which manufactures electric cars. This week it became known that he lured the chief specialist recruiting from Apple to a similar position in his company. The billionaire also owns SpaceX developed the Dragon spacecraft to deliver cargo to the ISS. Space X is also working on a device to deliver people to the ISS. Now American astronauts fly to the ISS on the Russian Soyuz.

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