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Elite Keylogger: a powerful Keylogger for Mac [+5 promo]

Spy apps is not primarily a bloody gun anarchist hacker or a monitoring tool of the dark corporations, as a convenient means of personal security, in many cases a regular user, especially in those conditions when its Mac have access to a few people. Not a good thing to establish control over the household, especially children, who in the hours of parental absence can corrupt young minds watching inappropriate portals or steal money from credit cards? And the staff too actively use the service terminal to their own needs clearly in need of proper supervision.

Elite Keylogger is a powerful Keylogger that monitors all keystrokes, and their combinations in any of the computer’s installed applications, when you search the Internet, chat rooms, passwords, etc., while remaining completely invisible.

The interception of the clipboard is extremely important, often passwords and other critical data is not typed but just copied and pasted. Elite Keylogger for Mac captures all texts copied to the clipboard. The program saves not only text but also images.

The utility allows you to always be aware of everything that happens on your computer: Elite Keylogger makes screenshots of the desktop and any running applications so that, even while away from your PC, you can always be aware of who and how it is used. If the user has no way to verify the reports locally – Elite Keylogger will send all the information to your provided email address.

Elite Keylogger records both sides of chat Skype, Viber, Messages, and Adium. This requires to include the preservation of the history of the desired application, but typically 99% of users this feature is enabled by default. It records all the communication completely invisible to user mode. Only you, as administrator, can read the resulting reports.

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Elite Keylogger monitors keyboard at the kernel level of the system through specially designed low level driver. It allows you to capture as login, password, and any other types of passwords.

Software solution is available in two versions: regular and Pro. The “professional” version of Elite Keylogger is absolutely invisible and allows you to intercept passwords and chat messages.

The cost of a single license of Elite Keylogger Pro is 1999 rubles. But the developers have given us 5 promo codes for a free download of the program. Codes will be raffled among the visitors who left a comment on the article. Don’t forget to fill in the E-mail. Good luck!

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