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Elevation Dock 3 is probably the best dock for iPhone 6 [video]

Accessories for Apple products are not just a lot, but a lot. You can earn good money on the popular Apple gadget, releasing covers, docking stations, speakers and other improvements. But how to stand out among hundreds of different companies? Only by offering a simple and at the same time unique solution which is devoid of the disadvantages of competitive products.

Than a bad brand docking station from Apple? She, like many other docks, two insurmountable disadvantage. It will not put the iPhone in the case. When you get the smartphone, you need to hold the dock or two. In return, the company ElevationLab offered their own development that is devoid of both flaws. The device is called the Elevation Dock 3.

At the base of the original dock has a removable panel through which whether you use the case or not. Of course, there is a speech only about the standard covers, something more cumbersome still have to remove.

Elevation Dock is made for the proverbial technology Unibody from a single and rather heavy piece of aluminum. Because of the greater weight, and also due to the special design of the iPhone connector goes perfectly from the dock with one hand. All the same stationarity serve two substrates of sticky rubber. Try to get this from the table.

Elevation Dock 3 is coming to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The manufacturer asks for his product in just $ 89.

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