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Electronic lock Noki open itself when the owner comes [video]

In our digital time, the use of conventional keys for opening locks or a classic pin code by pressing the keys gradually fade into the background. To replace the usual manipulations offered unlocking device interaction integrated NFC chips and tags, all kinds of biometric scanners and wireless access using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

On the website Kickstarter successfully debuted a device called Noki — made of aluminum “smart” Bluetooth lock. The gadget developed by Noki Home Solutions, is a mechanism for interacting with an existing classic bolt lock that allows you to install it even unaware of the intricacies of such operations person in just 10 minutes.

Activation and unlocking Noki is via a mobile app for iOS and Android. To access via smartphone, tablet, or smart-watches the front door, you should use the wireless connection of the Bluetooth LE standard. The device has auto-unlock when approaching for a certain-to-door distance of the landlord with the gadget in your pocket. If you are not satisfied, then give the command to open the lock using just a single tap on the display. Given that intelligent design does not replace, but complements the standard castle, located directly in the apartment, outside on the availability of this device it will be impossible to know.

If your smartphone is completely discharged battery, then this case provides the opportunity to use for getting into the dwelling normal key. Well, if the key you lost, say, or left at work, then get home using someone else’s smartphone. However, for this you need to download third-party device app for Noki sync with log in under your account.

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Thus to provide access to the apartment without having to pass a set of keys to all my relatives and friends who have mobile devices with Bluetooth.

Retail price smart lock Noki, available in several colors for harmony with your door, is $139. Device block W-Fi, providing access to the device via the Internet, will cost $199.

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