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Electric Apple threatens the future of Tesla

A number of employees of the company Tesla Motors transition into the development of the electric car for Apple. And the number of defectors in bearing the code name Project Titan has already threatened to disrupt the timing of the American manufacturer of electric cars.

Care staff from Tesla in the Apple has seriously shifted the timing of the completion of development of the Model X, although it is not clear exactly how the plans of the “Apple” of the company touched a new project Tesla Motors. Release elektrosedana Model S also has been postponed several times, and this was before the beginning of work on Project Titan.

Apple is believed more than 1,000 employees working on project Titan, many of them came from the company’s Elon musk. The range of professionals who moved to Apple, is rather wide – from managers to senior production engineers. In February, Musk said that Apple had offered a bonus of $250 000 for those who want to move to Cupertino, but few agreed on the proposal of “time machine”.

According to Vestifinance, the situation has changed. Informants do not exclude that the long-standing predictions about selling Tesla all the same Apple may soon come true.

Early in the year, news Agency Bloomberg reported that Apple intends to start serial production of its first electric car in 2020 On the development of a new model of autowindow usually takes about 7 years, but Apple’s management poses a challenge to the team responsible for Project Titan, to complete the design faster.

The desire of Apple to start production of its own electric car in such a short time demonstrates the company’s desire to enter the battle with competitors such as Tesla Motors and General Motors, says the Agency. Both companies are going in 2017 to produce electric cars, is able to cover a distance of 320 km on a single battery charge. The cost of such a machine is expected to be $40 000. The draft of the electric vehicle can be minimized, if Apple’s management will be dissatisfied with the result, say the informants of the Agency.

Earlier edition of the Wall Street Journal, citing sources familiar with the project, reported that a team of engineers working in California in a separate building on the creation of the first electric cars Apple. By the shape of the car resembles a mini-van. Heads the automotive division, Apple’s Vice President for product design Steve Sadecki, who previously worked in the Corporation’s Ford.

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