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Eldar Murtazin buried the Apple. Again

The scandal surrounding the slowdown of smart phones with worn out batteries does not subside. Antimonopoly service of Italy has found that Samsung also reduces the performance of the gadgets. Eldar Murtazin commented on the situation in an interview with the channel Ren TV.

Italian service accused longtime rivals Samsung and Apple are in collusion and synchronization of policy updates. The Agency suspects that the company intends to have used the technical imperfections of some of the components, to get users faster to buy new smartphones.

Eldar Murtazin commented on the situation. Despite the fact that Samsung and Apple were almost in the same boat, a well-known analyst remains true to itself and believes that the South Korean manufacturer will stand after another round of scandal, and the future of American corporations is at risk.

“Empires tend to fall apart, but it won’t happen in a single moment. If we talk about Samsung, it is the most stable of all who have today. Apple really depends on one product.

If the iPhone for some reason become unpopular, then they will fall. And fall fairly quickly,” — said Murtazin.

Senior analyst, apparently decided to write off such products as the Apple iPad, the MacBook family of laptops, expensive and very popular iMac Pro and smart column HomePod, which is looking forward to users around the world.

It is not clear why the consequences of the same actions for the two companies from the same sectors have so very different.

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